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It’s hard to grow when your working capital is floating on the water. If your business relies heavily on importing goods from offshore, you know how difficult it can be to manage cash flow, especially if suppliers demand a large deposit or 100% prepayment before shipping your order. Your cash can be untouchable for 30‑120+ days from the time you pay your supplier to the time you receive payment from the sale.


Is a slow
cash-conversion cycle
smothering your

Today, even the savviest CFOs struggle to find creative ways to manage their cash deficit. You’ve tried traditional loans, but banks are extremely reluctant to lend on in-transit inventory. Alternative financing options, like factoring and purchase order financing, can require significant collateral, high interest rates and very restrictive contractual terms.

The alternative financing
solution everybody
should know about.

UPS Capital®, the insurance, financial and payment solutions division of UPS®, has found a simple, efficient way to free up cash in your supply chain to enhance your cash-conversion cycle, enabling you to buy more inventory to power growth, fulfill more orders and create a healthier company capital structure.

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“When I told my business partners about this, they said, ‘Sounds too good to be true. I can finance my stuff while it’s on the water?! Nobody does that!’ So, I asked UPS Capital to come talk to them. Now they believe.”

– Tom Walker, The Florida CFO Group